Dragonfly 14-Footer Sail Plan

Dragonfly Sail Measurement Rules

The official class sail makers shall be Lonton & Gray, Burnham On Crouch Essex. Sails must be measured in accordance with the equipment rules of sailing and ISAF guide to sail measurement.

Main Sail


1.                  Sails must be made of woven material

2.                  Four sail battens shall be fitted. The batten pockets must be placed on the leech so to divide the leech into approximately equal parts.

3.                  Sail insignia shall comply with the pattern approved by the Class and held by Lonton & Gray. Sail numbers shall be fixed and sized in accordance with ISAF racing rules.

4.                  One row of reefs may be fitted

5.                  A Cunningham eye and flattening eye may be fitted

6.                  One transparent non-woven panel may be incorporated in the mainsail as a window. It shall be a maximum of 730mm in length and 230mm in height

7.                  Method of attachment of the mainsail to the mast and boom shall be by boltrope or sildes

8.                  Loose footed mailsails are not allowed

9.                  The mainsail shall attach to the spars so that it sits between the mast and boom bands



Leech Length                                     6100mm

Quarter height width                           2355mm

Half height width                                1805mm

Three quarter height width                  1070mm

Head Width                                        125mm

Batten pocket internal lengths           

Top Batten pocket                             700mm

Remaining three batten pockets           930mm