News 2011

Wanted Owner: Boat list for all boats built.

A number of boats are under going restoration however the exciting news is a brand new boat is currently under construction. The work is being undertaken by James Palmer who's Grandfather was instrumental in the original design and a driving force behind the Dragonfly just after the second world war.

No 10 is still an ongoing project, which is testing the skills and patients of the owners.

No 17 has been taken on as a rebuild project by David Copp

No 29 just made contact with the Alexander Jonk and there boat is still under construction.

No 42 is now in the hand of John Palmer who is running on a tight budget after the rebuild of No 9  

No39 Is now owned by John Fish who intends on undertaking another restoration.


Dragonfly One Class Design                                

The Dragonfly is a classic 14 wooden clinker racing dinghy, first built and sailed on the River Deben in 1949. Some 40 boats were built over a period of 15 years, 10 of which are still sailed on the water today, with a number currently undergoing restoration.

In 2009 the Dragonfly celebrated 60 years, the first boats taking to the water in the summer of 1949.  10 boats took part with visitors from Ireland making a special visit to join in the fun.

The class offers a full racing and social calendar, which includes Wednesday and Saturday racing throughout the season, and a range of social events, from the ever popular Launching Supper to BBQs and Pub Walks.

In June 2004 the Class is held its first 2 day Open Meeting, which is planned to run as a bi-annual event

The Dragonfly is a two person racing dinghy, and the class welcomes sailors of every level from beginner to expert. The class is made up of sailors in all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities and openly encourages beginners to join in the class activities.